Our Human Resources Philosophy

AHSAM’s Human Resources policies are based on the overlap of company and employee objectives. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to maintain high corporate loyalty among employees and to embrace the elements of the corporate culture. Teamwork, commitment to the company and corporate culture are always in the forefront, and our most important target in the field of Human Resources is to make our employees proud of their success as well as the success of the company. While our corporate culture is based on creating fair, reliable, sincere and correct relationships among employees, honesty is regarded as our highest value in relation to employees.

Our Human Resources Principles

All employees have equal rights in AHSAM. The characteristics of our employees such as nationality, belief, ethnicity, gender, disability, political opinion and age discrimination are considered as the richness of our human resources and our employees are not evaluated on the basis of individual differences.

AHSAM implements the new regulation as soon as possible in all kinds of legal regulations, regulations and amendments concerning the rights, law and obligations of the employees. Training applications about the issue are organized for employees when necessary. 

Believing in the importance of the recruitment strategy in the success of companies, AHSAM recruits according to the training, experience, competence, career goals and expectations of the people, the characteristics required by the position and the Company’s needs in the selection of human resources. Individuals closely following developments in Turkey and the world, open to innovations and inclined to team work, are added to the Group. 

Candidates identified as a result of competency-based interviews are also evaluated through personality inventory studies, and the most correct candidate is determined at the end of interviews.