AHSAM has set out to play a leading role in CEEMEA region.  AHSAM  provides consultancy services to state institutions and organizations, companies,  and senior executives. AHSAM, which also has a Strategic Research Center, works on national, regional and international issues and presents them to the public and decision-makers. AHSAM Research center incorporated to AHSAM, aims to contribute positively to the decision makers by increasing the information and analysis level in CEEMEA with its short and medium term studies and reports published at certain intervals and with analysis and perspectives.

AHSAM organizes all kinds of national and international conferences, seminars and training programs.

AHSAM’s activities include Social Media / Digital media services and media planning. As well as, Media procurement services, public relations, target audience analysis, customer expectations reporting, strategic planning, campaign management, advertising activities consultancy, public awareness research, brand consultancy, public research AHSAM also provides production services.